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Toshiba Johnson Elevators (India) Press Release Receives Its Largest-ever Order [...]
Events 1
The driving force behind the VTP group. A visionary, loving son and the Managing [...]
Events 2
Thoughtfulness at VTP Realty is the way of Life. Organized a massive covid vacci [...]
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The biggest win of the year 2021-22 [...]
Events 4
Realty+ conversatation with Mr. Sachin Bhandari, CEO, VTP Realty. [...]
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Celebrating our foundation day [...]
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“World of Thoughtfulness” VTP Realty is a band anchored in strong values [...]
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VTP Realty sweeps all the top honors [...]
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A mesmerizing evening witnessed by all the business partners at the launch event [...]
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Township Codename Pegasus allotment event held on-site located at New Kharadi. V [...]
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‘VTP Realty believes very strongly to have a healthy citizens, For the 2nd conse [...]
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