A Legacy Brand with a Disruptive Attitude.

Yes, we are a legacy brand. VTP Realty is backed by 38 years of legacy of the VTP Group, a Pune-based conglomerate. But we go beyond bricks and mortar to deliver value that exceeds expectations. Our journey has been one of disruption, reimagining, and setting newer standards in real estate. VTP Realty is Pune’s #1 Real Estate Developer and ranks amongst the top 10 developers of India (in terms of number of units sold). VTP Realty operates on the ethos of “thoughtfulness”. It’s 3-tiered philosophy of Better Design, Better Build and Better Care that makes it a buyer’s brand. The company has won many national and international awards and prides itself in designing and building Maximum Livable Area Homes. The brand has marquee projects in residential, commercial and townships.



To be one of the most admired real estate brand in the country known for leading with commitment, trust, innovation and care.


To be the leader in real estate industry, we will build a strong team who will strive continuously to deliver unmatched product quality, attention to detail and transparency in our processes and operations, consistently.



VTP Luxe a vertical of VTP Realty is curated for those who seek elegant living, and nothing less than that. It's a masterpiece crafted by a virtuoso, it embodies the finesse of meticulous craftsmanship.

VTP Homes is a second vertical, where the very definition of premium living is rewritten. Designed for spacious retreat for families or the modern sanctuary for the individual seeker of luxury- We have it ALL!


One for all!

VTP Group has perfected the backward integration that allows easy access to the best construction materials for VTP Realty projects. Following stringent audit processes to achieve the highest possible build quality, including multiple in-house and third-party quality inspections. VTP Group flourishes across diverse verticals, maintaining unwavering quality and service in each endeavor.

VTP Materials – A majority of critical construction material is procured in-house. For over three decades, VTP Group has been trading in cement and steel, making them one of the largest suppliers of cement in Maharashtra.

VTP Foods - Within this distinct vertical, we proudly present the Earth Food brand. It is dedicated to providing an extensive array of both Indian and exotic fruits and vegetables, meticulously cultivated on VTP Foods' farms. Our commitment to quality is exemplified by our swift farm-to-fork delivery, which ensures that produce reaches our patrons within a span of 8 hours. The Earth Food brand is synonymous with health and sustainability, as our products are cultivated and transported using the most meticulous and eco-conscious practices, resulting in a residue-free offering.

VTP Ventures - This enterprise specializes in fostering the growth of startup ventures, providing them with the necessary support and resources to thrive in their respective markets.



  • Pune is known to be a market that is driven by substance over style. It doesn’t get swayed by lofty promises and hyperbole. Our deep understanding of Pune market has been the cornerstone of our stature as the undisputed market leader for the past six years. We too have embraced substance in every aspect of our offerings to steal the march.
  • Disruption is in our DNA. And possibly the secret of our sustained leadership going forward. We continue to challenge the status quo, question the conventions and raise the bar. It just so happens that now, we challenge our own benchmarks with every new project.


  • Fondly referred to as the turnaround specialist of Pune, VTP Realty is changing the way the real estate industry operates. Years of sweat and goodwill have helped VTP Realty emerge as the leading real estate brand in the “Silicon Valley of Maharashtra”.
  • VTP Realty has turned large stuck projects into success stories. Cases in point are Township Codename Pegasus and Township Codename Blue Waters in East and West Pune.
  • We source 70% of our construction materials from our group companies through backward integration, enabling us to deliver better quality homes in a shorter time span. VTP Materials, a leading cement supplier in West India holds #1 position. VTP Group, is one of the renowned infrastructure development and construction contracting companies, boasting of almost every national developer as their customer. We have successfully established strong leadership in every sector we operate in the construction industry.
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